Tired of playing phone tag with your barbershop customers? 

Get your own Custom Booking App!

Streamline your barbershop appointments, connect with customers and keep them coming back while staying compliant to state health regulations by reducing in-person waiting times and enabling touch-free payments — all in one easy-to-use app!

For Barbers and Clients

Manage your work schedule

Put an end to inconvenient texts and calls from clients checking if you’re open. Set your work schedule on the app and share it with customers so they can book their visit with a few taps.

Reduce Waiting Time and

Send your customers automated SMS reminders and notifications and ensure your appointments go smoothly. You can even send status updates (such as delays in your current appointment) so customers are not waiting.


In-App Touchless Transactions

Customers can pay for their services in the app and opt-in to join rewards and loyalty programs set by you (such as “Get 10 haircuts and the 11th one is free’). No more old school punch cards!

Easy Booking With a Few Taps

Customers can select their favorite barber, view their schedule, book their appointment, select a service type and pay for it without leaving the app. They can also tip their barber and leave a review!


Build Client Loyalty and Boost Retention

Stop losing clients to your competitors! Did you know that other barber scheduling apps allow your customers to book appointments with your competition? That means about 70% of clients that book with someone else will never return. Our app is built so your clients can only book with barbers in your shop, and not “the other guys”

Chat With Your Customers

Eliminate the need for phone calls or sms with our in-app chat feature that allows customers to communicate with their favorite barber, ask questions, exchange ideas and stay connected — all inside the app.


Download from the App Store & Google Play

Customers will be able to easily download and install your app on their mobile devices through Google Play and the App Store. Barber Shops will also be able to access their admin dashboard on a desktop computer or tablet.

Finally, an app that helps barbers stay compliant and get the job done!

We know times have been hard for service businesses. YourBarber App is here to help your shop overcome uncertain times by streamlining your appointment scheduling and client management process. We have added a few extra complimentary features to the app with you in mind.

Customer Profiles

Your customers can build their own profiles, enter contact information, preferences and look back at their past services. That is perfect to help you keep an organized and updated client list!

In-App Waiver

You can require customers to agree to a liability waiver in those states where health regulations require you to do so, so you don’t need to fumble with paperwork when your client comes in the shop.

Collect Reviews

Enable your customers to become raving fans by sharing the love and posting their review of your service.

Set Status

You can let your customers know if you are available, out to lunch, busy or on vacation with just a few taps.

Get The App Now!

Modernize your barber shop, streamline your appointment booking process and boost customer satisfaction. For a limited time, download the YouBarber app at a special beta pricing, only available for a few more days. It’s a no-brainer. This is the best return on investment for your business to bring in new customers and keep your current ones coming back. Get started today!


Swipe. Tap. Groom.

As part of our launch, you can download a Free demo version for a limited time. Test drive all the unique features of YourBarber App and see how it works. Put your barbershop in your customers pockets 24/7 and streamline your appointment booking. Click below to get started for FREE!

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